Project roles

Project roles are standard roles that are tailored to the actual areas of responsibility of project staff. They allow WINPACCS functions to be used that fit exactly to their tasks. For example the “Project cashier” role offers exactly the functional package that is necessary for managing a project cashbook. The project roles can be assigned to staff individually for each project, country or organisational unit.

Project staff The Project staff role allows the user to view key project information.
Project assistant The Project assistant role allows the user to enter and update all the important general project data.
Project cashier The Project cashier role allows the project cashbook to be administered.
Project accountant The Project accountant role allows the user to utilise WINPACCS Project accounting.
Project finance manager The Project finance manager role can set up new projects and allows the user to administer higher-level financial tasks in a project.
Project controller The Project controller role allows the usage of the Project controlling function.
Controller The Controller role allows users to work with Controlling.
Project planner The Project planner role can set up new projects and allows you to use the Project planing and -monitoring functions.
Digital vouchers editor The Digital vouchers editor role allows the user to upload digital vouchers.
Digital vouchers auditor The Digital vouchers auditor role allows the user to approve digitalised vouchers using the dual-control principle.
Project financial auditor The Project financial auditor role allows the user to view the postings and digital vouchers of a project.
Inventory manager The Inventory manager role allows the user to manage inventory items in a project.