Project cashier

User profile

The Project cashier is responsible or deputy for the project cashbook. This person enters all the income and expenses in the cashbooks.


This role permits the user to utilise WINPACCS Project cashbook, including entering vouchers and creating voucher batches for processing in WINPACCS Project accounting. Users with this role can also accept, return and close cashbooks.

Assignment to objects

The following objects can be assigned to the Project cashier user role:

  • projects
  • cashbooks

Projects can be assigned directly for individual projects or indirectly via the assignment of organisational structures

Cashbooks can be assigned to projects as follows: users are designated as responsible or deputy to cashbooks. They can then assign cashbooks to projects. 

Our Pre-entering vouchers in WINPACCS Cashbook 2.0 how-to video provides a first insight into WINPACCS Cashbook.

Further information

Information on the monthly usage costs for this role can be found here.