Open for connections

The basic philosophy of WINPACCS is to provide aid organisations and consulting firms in international cooperation with an integrated software system for their core business processes. Especially in development cooperation there are many aspects that are not covered by the other ERP systems available on the market.

WINPACCS offers interfaces for areas in which standard systems cover the requirements.

This principle has proven itself and is one of the reasons for the success of WINPACCS.

  • The concentration on the core functionality of a single sector allows provision of suitable and user-friendly software.
  • The interfaces to other suitable systems permit the use of software components that need no specific modifications for international cooperation.

One example of these interfaces is the connection to the company accounting.

But there are also areas where WINPACCS offers integrated functionality, but where customers already have such an application in operation and want to continue using it. WINPACCS also offers interfaces for some of these cases.

Discover the available interfaces.