Customer Day

5 November 2020 in the Goethe city Wetzlar.

We regularly hold Customer Days to inform our customers about the latest developments and planned changes.

Our customers highly value such events because they can:

  • obtain information on current developments and planned changes,
  • ask questions and express wishes,
  • network with other WINPACCS users and benefit from their experience and know-how.

We also gain enormously from these Customer Days because they allow us to come into direct contact with our most invaluable critics. Exchanging ideas and views with you and meeting you in person is vital to us.

That’s why we’re looking forward to our next Customer Day on 5th November 2020 in Wetzlar Town Hall (Stadthalle Wetzlar).

Here you will find information about the workshops as well as pictures of Customer Day 2019.


09:10-09:40New features in WINPACCS 2018 (Releases 2019.01, 2019.02 and 2019.03)
André Scharmann, mbi GmbH
09:40-10:05Interviews on switchover to WINPACCS 2018 
Michael Bork, mbi GmbH
10:05-10:15New price list
André Scharmann, mbi GmbH
10:15-10:30New seminars
André Scharmann, mbi GmbH
10:30-10:45Coffee break
10:45-11:30Workshop block I
Various workshops and speakers
11:30-11:45Coffee break
11:45-12:30Workshop block II
Various workshops and speakers
12:30-13:30Lunch break
13:30-14:15Workshop block III
Various workshops and speakers
14:15-14:35Coffee break
14:35-15:15Preview of new functions and extensions in WINPACCS
Martin Bork, mbi GmbH
15:15 onwardsOpen end, networking

The event is only for employees of organizations using WINPACCS. It's free of charge; spaces are limited.
The event is planned as a select gathering with plenty of time for you to ask your questions. Take this opportunity to discuss your specific requirements with our experts.


Block I (10:45-11:30)

No Title Language


Setting up Project accounting

In this workshop, you’ll gain an insight into the options you can use to optimally tailor Project accounting to local requirements. This includes, for example, selecting the relevant transactions and cost categories, the use of partners, setting up cash and bank books and lots more.
André Scharmann, mbi GmbH



Preview of Inventory management

Take a look at the new Inventory management! For example, we’ll show you how Project accounting is linked to the inventory in our Cloud, and how easy it is to determine which fixed assets are assigned to a certain project, country or donor.
Michael Bork, mbi GmbH


Block II (11:45-12:30)

No Title Language


Posting to external projects

Does your office pay salaries for employees working on several projects? Do you only have one account in a country, but use it for several projects? Learn how to assign expenditure to different projects and their funding and budget structures in a very simple way in a single journal.
André Scharmann, mbi GmbH



Interfaces in WINPACCS

Discover in this workshop the possibilities to integrate WINPACCS into your system landscape. Ask your questions and tell us your requirements for interfaces.
Martin Bork and Tobias Ebert, mbi GmbH


Block III (13:30-14:15)

No Title Language


Handling tax in Project accounting

Is it still tricky for you to manage tax postings in some countries? In this workshop you’ll learn how WINPACCS Accounting 4 can help you to correctly post VAT and withholding tax according to your requirements and which settings are necessary.
André Scharmann, mbi GmbH



Migration to WINPACCS 2018

What do I need to consider when upgrading to WINPACCS 2018? How can I implement the switchover gradually but efficiently? In this workshop we’ll map out the steps for upgrading to WINPACCS Accounting 4, Cashbook 2 and Project controlling in the WINPACCS Cloud.
Dierk Rink, mbi GmbH


Impressions of the 2019 Customer Day


Located in the heart of the state Hessen in central Germany, Wetzlar straddles the river Lahn a mere 30 miles north of Frankfurt. Having been an economic and cultural hub of the region since medieval times, it is now most famous for its optics industry and its association with German national poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. With a population of just over 50,000 people, Wetzlar remains a favourite among visitors attracted not just by its historic old town and cathedral, but also its beautiful surroundings along the Lahn valley.
For more details, visit Wetzlar at and

The WINPACCS Customer day will take place in the conference rooms of Wetzlarer Hof hotel and the nearby town hall Stadthalle. With its stunning view of the old town and inviting atmosphere, this venue is the perfect place to host the classic WINPACCS event. Bright rooms, modern equipment and the unique location are sure to make this a memorable day for all participants.

Find out more about Hotel Wetzlarer Hof and Stadthalle Wetzlar.


The WINPACCS Customer Day will take place in the conference suite of the Hotel Wetzlarer Hof and Wetzlar Town Hall (Stadthalle Wetzlar, Brühlsbachstraße 2b in 35578 Wetzlar).

Arriving by car
Given its proximity to the A45 motorway and B49 highway, the venue can be easily reached by car from any direction.

The address is Brühlsbachstraße 2b, 35578 Wetzlar. There is a car park on the premises.

Arriving by public transportation
There are direct trains to Wetzlar station from Frankfurt, Marburg, Giessen, Limburg and Siegen.

From there, bus number 11 or 12 will take you to the Stadthalle in under ten minutes.

Airport transfer
Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA) is only a 90 minute train ride away from Wetzlar. There are several connections every hour.