User Roles

The WINPACCS roles and rights concept is key to the use of WINPACCS.

It aids organisations to specifically assign the functions that are necessary for their staff. Every user role has a variety of individual rights that manage access to the application.

The user roles provide the basic framework for mbi’s training programme including its seminars, online courses and how-to videos.

The user roles are also an important basis for determining monthly usage costs.

Project roles

Project roles are standard roles that are tailored to the actual areas of responsibility of project staff. They allow WINPACCS functions to be used that fit exactly to their tasks. For example the “Project cashier” role offers exactly the functional package that is necessary for managing a project cashbook.

Administrator roles

Administrator roles are standard roles that offer the responsible members of staff the possibility to access the entire data of certain thematical areas. They can make changes to the organisation-specific settings of this thematical area. For instance, a “Project administrator” can alter specific settings in the Project administration.

Individual roles

The individual roles are user roles that are derived from a project or administrator role. The individual user roles can be created and used to meet each organisation’s requirements. An individual role is always based on a standard role. To create an individual role, specific rights are extracted from a standard role.

Assignment of objects

The WINPACCS role and rights concept means that the rights of users can be limited not only via the individual functions of the application, but also content-wise by access to certain objects.

It is therefore possible to specifically assign certain data to employees.

Read more about the Options for assigning objects.

Organisational structures

Assigning individual objects to user roles can sometimes be time-consuming. For instance, if all the projects of a country group should be assigned to a Project finance manager.

To streamline this task, WINPACCS offers the option of creating Organisational structures.