Our team

We're passionate about software.

We’re passionate about producing user-friendly software geared towards international humanitarian organisations and consulting companies.
We also offer all the relevant services to ensure its smooth operation, and channel our skills and abilities to accomplish this every day. Take some time to get to know us.

Consulting and training

Consulting is what we do best and we love assisting you, so you can implement and use WINPACCS efficiently and right on schedule. We thoroughly understand the work and requirements of international aid organisations and consulting companies through our many years of experience.

Conceptual Design

We are excited to pick up the ideas and feedback of our customers. With the conceptual design of innovative new features we ensure that WINPACCS keeps pace with current requirements and maps new processes. We make WINPACCS more intuitive and efficient every day.

Documentation and Quality Assurance

We ensure that our WINPACCS applications meet our high standards of quality, user-friendliness and reliability. Additionally, we offer comprehensive information and guides in your language to help you work successfully with WINPACCS.

Software development and support

Every day, we strive to produce a high-performing, reliable software for you. If you ever need help, our friendly Support Team will be glad to assist you.

Customer service

We're your first point of contact for any questions. We're happy to help you or direct you to someone who can here at our head office.

We keep our extensive website up-to-date and develop it on an ongoing basis.

Contracts and Invoicing

We're your point of contact for everything to do with user contracts and monthly invoicing. We also coordinate registrations for our training courses.