Product history

The WINPACCS History.

Today, WINPACCS is a reliable and established standard software solution for organisations of development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

What's the story behind WINPACCS?

A digital Customer Day was held for the first time in the new premises.

A very successful Symposium was held for the 8th time. Over 50 guests participated enthusiastically in workshops and lectures prepared by customers and mbi staff members. Most popular were talks on the brand new Project planning and monitoring function and the new development of Project controlling in the Cloud.


The newly developed WINPACCS Accounting 4.0 and WINPACCS Cashbook 2.0 applications are introduced worldwide at GIZ GmbH. More than 400 Project accountants are trained by teams of GIZ and mbi staff members. A webservice interface allows 16,000 postings per day to be transmitted from WINPACCS Project accounting to the SAP-based company accounting.

The 7th Symposium is held at the Stadthalle (civic centre) in the Goethe city of Wetzlar  a great success. Participants from across the globe learn about the new functions in WINPACCS and enjoy an excellent opportunity to network.

mbi celebrates 30 years of WINPACCS with customers, friends and former staff.


New Partner Management interfaces allow the direct import of partners‘ accounting data into WINPACCS. The new feature Monitoring of quantities allows for the creation and maintenance of quantity budgets and manages their proper inclusion in the reports to the donors.


Partner Management has been integrated in WINPACCS online. Partner-related data can now be administered and connected with various other information in WINPACCS. This is a crucial innovation, above all for aid organisations who are working very closely with partners on site.


The functionalities in WINPACCS Cloud have evolved through the integration of Person Administration and the individual roles added to User Administration. The Digital Voucher capture in WINPACCS is also a key milestone.


The completely newly developed online components - directly connected to the suite modules - are currently being launched and include many new functions. WINPACCS is marketed as a Cloud Plus solution and the pricing model of licensing and maintenance fees has been replaced by the Software as a service (SaaS) approach, with users invoiced on a monthly basis. These extensions and enhancements are generating greater interest in WINPACCS on the part of development organisations.


mbi GmbH starts to offer regular seminars for WINPACCS suite in partner countries.


The WINPACCS modules Accounting, Cashbook and Cost control are combined by the term WINPACCS suite.


The first customers outside Germany are choosing WINPACCS and rolling the software out in their international projects worldwide.


Distribution of WINPACCS Cashbook which was developed in cooperation with mbi GmbH and the GIZ.

The first WINPACCS Symposium takes place.


First distribution of WINPACCS cost control.


The former WINPACCS is renamed to WINPACCS Accounting, since besides project book keeping, additional modules under the name WINPACCS are developed to complement this system.


The mbi GmbH acquires the rights for distribution and further development of the software WINPACCS from the GIZ.


The DOS based application PACCS is ported to Windows. The name of the software changes from PACCS to WINPACCS.


Manual project accounting is used for the last time at GIZ. Ever since, GIZ has used PACCS, and since 2001 WINPACCS, for all its project accounting for its projects worldwide.


The first aid organisations outside GIZ choose PACCS. mbi GmbH partially takes over the setup, maintenance and support for those installations.


The Project Accounting System „PACCS“ developed by GIZ is implemented in first projects of GIZ. It is the start of the replacement of the manually processed accounting in the worldwide projects.