Person Administration

Centralized management of data of all registered persons.

WINPACCS offers an integrated person administration to manage all people working at head office, in the regional offices and projects or in connection with the various projects or organisational units. Person administration is designed to give central access, which offers the option to manage the data of all people captured. Like other functional areas, person administration can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the aid organisation concerned by setting up individual fields.

Decentralised access to person administration

In addition, there is decentralised access to person administration in the various functional areas.

Project Administration

Decentralised access from project administration offers the option to manage personal data of the project staff and people connected with the project.

Donor Administration

Decentralised access from donor administration offers the option to manage personal data of the selected donor.

Partner Administration

A decentral access of the partner administration enables to administer the persons which are assigned to a partner.

Further Information

If you want to learn more about this topic, we recommend you to attend the webinar WINPACCS for Person administrators.