Project Administration

Convenient management of project data.

The WINPACCS Project Administration enables many aid organisations in over 130 countries to flexibly manage project master data.
Worldwide access to the project master data, flexible rights management via user roles and the ease with which WINPACCS Project administration can be adapted to organisation-specific requirements makes it indispensable for many aid organisations. 

Systematic tracking of data

Current, continuously updated project master data is key to successful and transparent project management and helps all involved to keep track of a project’s current status. It also orders and provides access to many other project data such as finances, and involved persons, donors and partners for administering purposes.

What criteria must project master data management in development cooperation fulfil?

Simple operation and worldwide access to the data.

Accounting for different project statuses during data entry.

Accounting for different rights when editing data.

Individually adaptable to the respective organisation’s requirements.

Functions of the WINPACCS Project master data administration

  • Overview table with quick search and project selection.
  • Standard fields for data entry of development cooperation projects with corresponding input help and plausibility checks.
  • Various project statuses (Proposed, In planning, Approved, Active, Completed, Archived) with an impact on how fields can be edited.
  • Classification of projects by selecting from pre-defined table entries.
  • Extendable by customer-specific fields with different field types (text, yes/no, classification, currency etc.) and multilingual field names.
  • Project number format adaptable to the respective organisational requirements.
  • Project title can be entered in several languages.
  • Access restriction by means of individually adaptable standard roles.
  • Extensive data export options for further use in other systems.
  • Logging of data changes.
  • Data can be linked to a variety of other project-related data such as financial data, persons, donors, project partners etc.

Which user roles can I use to manage project master data?

The Project Administration can be used with the Project staff (reading access) and Project manager (writing access) project roles. The Project Administration can be individually adjusted with the Project administrator role.

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