Monitoring of quantities

Monitoring the consumption of agreed quantities.

In certain development cooperation projects, planning and monitoring quantities plays a key role.
Frequently, individual budget positions based on fixed quantities are agreed with consulting companies. It's then important to have a simple method to plan and monitor quantities for reporting back to customers.

Implementation in WINPACCS

Most of the time, monitoring quantities is only required for some customer budget lines. For instance, if funding of a fixed quantity of expert days is linked to a certain budget line. For other budget positions, a quantity is simply agreed independent of quantity units.
The best way to produce an easy-to-use monitoring of quantities is to enter the quantity information in the Project cashbook or Project accounting when entering the matching cost postings. It's then useful if the appropriate entry field for the cost's budget line is shown and the quantity unit appears automatically.


WINPACCS offers the following functions to support you in monitoring quantities in your projects:

  • Assigning quantity units to selected budget lines e.g flights, expert man days etc.
  • Entering the planned quantities using a quantities budget
  • Entering the quantities used in the Project accounting and Project cashbook
  • Evaluating the quantities in various reports in the Project accounting and Project controlling
  • Generating plan/actual comparisons of planned and actually used quantities
  • Combining quantity information with a wide range of other information

Further Information

For registered users we offer the detailed white paper: Setting up and using monitoring of quantities in WINPACCS.