User Administration

Central management of user data.

In principle, the user administration plays a key role in software systems with sensitive data. Software systems used in the context of international cooperation also have other requirements for user administration:

  • The distribution of tasks between projects, offices and head office must be taken into account in the rights system.
  • The rights system must be managed centrally, but also copied as soon as possible to applications at sites that do not have a constant internet connection available.

For this, WINPACCS offers user administration precisely tailored for these requirements and needs.


  • The role based authorisation concept allows assignment of user rights tailored to established user groups.
  • The standard roles take account of the requirements for distribution of tasks between projects, offices and head office.
  • Rights are awarded centrally in WINPACCS online and copied as soon as possible to the modules of the WINPACCS suite via automatic data interchange.
  • The rights system must be administered centrally, but implemented decentrally in the relevant systems
  • Preconfigured standard roles with the relevant rights permit transparent documentation of the relevant rights.

Individual Roles

It may be necessary in certain cases to use organisation-specific user roles that differ from the standard roles.

WINPACCS allows user roles to be set up, which can be equipped with individual rights for the various user groups of an organisation. The organisation can set them up on its own.

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If you want to learn more about this topic, we recommend you to attend the weminar WINPACCS for User administrators.

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