Inventory Management

Your worldwide inventory at a glance – what could be simpler!

WINPACCS Inventory management organises your worldwide inventory on a Cloud-basis and is closely linked to and integrated in your Project accounting. View your assets through the lens of specific projects, countries, donors and locations, as well as many other defining features. Keep a global overview of your inventory and its structure, while using extensive customising options to create specific organisation or donor reports.

Save time and resources by organising your inventory with WINPACCS Inventory management. The integration with Project accounting, means a new asset is automatically created following an inventory posting in WINPACCS Cloud. This allows staff with responsibility for assets to maintain an overview of the inventory right from the start, and to create annual or monthly reports from various perspectives.

Enter a range of movements, for example, when an inventory item is transferred to a partner at the end of a project.
Extensive customising options based on asset classes, locations and customer-specific fields allow you to tailor the Inventory management to meet your precise needs.

What are the requirements of an Inventory management system specific to development cooperation?

Worldwide access and an overview of the current inventory from different perspectives.

Depending on the funding, the option of posting the purchased items directly as costs, or via a clearing account for capitalisation and depreciation in Company accounting. Depreciation can then be transferred from Company accounting to Project controlling if the donor reimburses usage costs, but not the purchasing price. 

Residual value calculation of your inventory.

Close links to Project accounting to enhance work processes.

Functions of WINPACCS Inventory management

  • Link to Project accounting and the option to create new assets in Project accounting or in WINPACCS Cloud.
  • Entering movements for an asset.
  • Transparent overview of an asset’s residual value development.
  • Distinction between assets with acquisition costs covered by the projects and assets funded on a usage-basis in the projects.
  • Creating inventory reports using various characteristics, such as projects, countries, donors, asset classes or locations.
  • Defining asset classes by assigning customer-specific fields.
  • Direct link to Document management and the digital voucher function.
  • Extensive customising options to meet your organisation’s requirements.

Which user roles allow me to use Inventory management?

Users require the Inventory manager user role to work with the Inventory management function in WINPACCS Cloud. The Project accountant user role is needed for performing inventory postings in WINPACCS Accounting.

Where can I find more information?

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