Project accountant

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The Project accountant is a staff member in the field, responsible for Project accounting either in the project or in the office. Project accountants in the offices are often responsible for several projects, as well as the office accounting. 


The role includes the rights to use the Project accounting. This spans posting all business transactions (except flexible postings) and creating day-end and month-end closings. Users with this role can also accept, return and close journals in WINPACCS accounting.

Assignment to objects

The following objects can be assigned to the Project accountant user role:

  • projects
  • journals

Projects can be assigned directly or indirectly via the assignment of organisational structures

Journals are assigned by allocating users directly to a journal as authorised.

  • Our WINPACCS for Project accountants seminar provides you with all you need to know as a user with the Project accountant role.
  • An initial insight into the application can be gained from theWINPACCS Accounting 4.0 live presentation from our WINPACCS Symposium 2017.

Further information

  • To utilise this role, users must be Project staff.
  • Information on the monthly usage costs for this role can be found here.