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WINPACCS Accounting – the world's leading project accounting software for development cooperation

For over 30 years, the application has been employed in numerous projects simplifying the entry of project accounting data on location. It allows lesser qualified accountants in development organisations to perform project accounting in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles.

The core of financial administration

Project accounting is at the core of financial administration in aid organisations.

It processes a high proportion of a project's vouchers, while ensuring they are entered correctly on site. Postings are directly assigned to fundings and budget lines in the project accounting – an important function, given that this information is essential for controlling and for invoicing in respect to donors.

Further key tasks in project accounting in development organisations are the administration of receivables and payables, as well as receipt and transferral of funds in the field.

What makes a good project accounting system?

Project accounting systems are specially designed to meet the requirements of development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects.

For many organisations, performing work in keeping with the generally accepted accounting principles is of high relevance and is frequently demanded by donors.

It is also important to be able to enter all the business transactions with preconfigured posting masks. This enables data to be rapidly and comfortably entered and reduces the number of mistakes.

As not every location has an Internet connection, project accounting needs to be usable offline.

Project accounting – functions

  • Professional accounting without in-depth knowledge of the subject thanks to preconfigured transactions
  • Complies with generally accepted accounting principles: No deleting possible, any corrections are logged
  • Easy set-up due to data exchange with the WINPACCS Cloud
  • Available offline
  • Network compatible: several accountants can post in the same journal
  • Foreign currencies are automatically converted into your company currency via the Moving Average Rate Procedure
  • A range of easily configurable reports that can also be exported into Excel
  • Quick forwarding of postings to company accounting at any time
  • Month-end closings with detailed documentation of all postings
  • Upload of all postings, closings and (if used) digital vouchers into the WINPACCS Cloud for viewing and auditing independent of location.
  • Batch processing function and posting templates for recurring postings.
  • Organisation-wide main chart of accounts with subordinate, specific project charts of accounts.
  • Assignment of postings to external projects (e.g. distribution of HR costs across several projects, advances from one project to another).
  • Simple management of unsettled items.
  • Easy-to-post VAT and withholding tax.
  • Optional additional account assignment for fundings and budget lines for subsequent controlling evaluations.
  • Splitting of postings (e.g. costs or receivables) to projects, fundings, budget lines, cost categories.

The specific orientation of WINPACCS for international aid organisations and the comprehensive customizing functions made it easy for us to introduce WINPACCS into our worldwide offices. A one week "Train-the-Trainer" course at our head office in Freiburg enabled our staff to provide the necessary user training abroad and to backstop the introduction.

Wolfgang Gehring

Head of Standards and Concepts Division, Caritas international

Which user roles allow me to utilise Project accounting?

The Project accountant user role allows you to utilise the project accounting function.

How can I find out more?

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