Software as a Service

WINPACCS as Software as a Service - since 2012.

Software as a Service – SaaS – is a model based on the central provision, administration and operation of the software as a service for users. The customer purchases the software as a Cloud service from the SaaS provider, instead of as a product, and a monthly user fee is incurred. IT-infrastructure costs are reduced and the user has a flexible, scalable solution which is always up-to-date.

That’s how software becomes a service.

WINPACCS as SaaS – since 2012

WINPACCS has been available as Software as a Service since 2012. The fact that users in projects and offices scattered across the globe can all edit shared data highlights the efficiency of this model of usage.

Most of WINPACCS’ functions can be used in the Cloud. We take care of hosting, system servicing, maintenance and data protection.

The Project cashbook (cashbook) and the Project accounting (accounting) are available as offline applications. These functions can thus be used offline in places with an unreliable Internet connection. They can, however, be used online with optional hosting.

The benefits of SaaS

Software as a Service offers major benefits, such as the following:

  • Worldwide access
    Direct access to the application from any office worldwide.
  • Simplification of own IT
    Outsourcing of various services simplifies the work of internal IT departments.
  • Maximum data security
    Hosting on a high availability server with comprehensive backup systems offers a high degree of data security.
  • Low investment costs
    No investment costs for developing software. Investment costs are only incurred for the initial consulting and staff training.
  • Scalable
    Always scalable to fit your requirements – chose how many user roles you want, the number of projects and which functions you want to use.
  • Rapid implementation
    The proven and sophisticated application can be implemented quickly and is straightforward to use.
  • Timely optimisations and extensions
    Improvements and extensions are provided continuously.
  • Costs assignable to each project
    Costs can be assigned directly to projects and may also be accounted for as project costs if donors agree.