Simplifies project accounting in developing countries.

WINPACCS Cashbook has been specially developed to meet the requirements in the area of development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

The application allows bank and cashbook transactions to be handled easily and in an audit-proof manner. All the entered vouchers can be transferred electronically to WINPACCS Accounting and can be imported via the batch interface.

Launched in 2005, WINPACCS Cashbook is continuously updated in terms of technology and usability.

Project cashbooks – invaluable for development cooperation

Electronic project cashbooks are an integral part of development cooperation.

They allow project and local office staff to pre-post vouchers in a structured way that supports accountants. Another important area of application is electronically managing project cashbooks in remote places. Emergency workers also employ electronic project cashbooks, even for short-term aid assignments.

What makes a good project cashbook?

Project cashbooks are frequently used by staff lacking an in-depth knowledge of accounting. That's precisely why simple operability is so important. Input fields need to be minimised and audit-proof. A good project cashbook also allows much of the account assigning necessary for subsequent accounting to be entered in advance.


  • Easy pre-posting of vouchers to support your accounts department.
  • Available offline.
  • High user-friendliness delivered by a modern user interface.
  • Individually configurable table views and reports.
  • Automatic installing and updating of master data from the WINPACCS Cloud.
  • Administration of cashbooks, bankbooks and receivables.
  • Optional pre-assignment to main accounts, sub-accounts, fundings and budget lines.
  • Various support functions such as Help or auto-complete for entering input.
  • Electronic forwarding of vouchers to the WINPACCS Cloud and WINPACCS Accounting.
  • Automatic data backup in the WINPACCS Cloud.

Which user roles allow me to use the Project Cashbook?

The project cashbook can be accessed with the Project cashier user role.

How can I find out more about WINPACCS Cashbook?

The following options are available for learning more about WINPACCS Project cashbook:

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