Administrator roles

Administrator roles are standard roles that offer the responsible members of staff the possibility to access the entire data of certain thematical areas. They can make changes to the organisation-specific settings of this thematical area. For instance, a “Project administrator” can alter specific settings in the Project administration.

Organisation administrator The role of Organisation administrator allows the user to administer organisation-specific settings.
User administrator The User administrator role facilities the administering of WINPACCS users including the corresponding roles and rights.
Financial administrator The Financial administrator role allows the user to administer the main chart of accounts and further key financial administration settings.
Project administrator The Project administrator role permits the user to set up new projects and edit settings for the Project administration.
Person administrator The Person administrator role allows personal data to be administered across the organisation.
Donor administrator The Donor administrator role allows donor data to be administered.
Partner administrator The Partner administrator role allows the user to administer specific partner information of the organisation.
Project planning administrator The Project planning administrator role allows the user to administer central settings for the Project planning and monitoring functions.
Installation administrator The Installation administrator role allows the management of installations of WINPACCS Accounting and WINPACCS Cashbook in the projects and locals offices.
Interface administrator company accounting The Interface administrator company accounting roles allows the user to manage the interface between WINPACCS and the Company accounting.
Inventory administrator The Inventory administrator role allows the user to make changes to the key settings of the Inventory management function.