Project planner

User profile

The Project planner is responsible for the content planning and/or monitoring of projects. They create project planning overviews and derive project plans (Gantt diagrams) from them. They also plan the impact monitoring of the projects, define and monitor the indicators and thus oversee the impact and success of the projects.


The role includes all the rights for using Project planning. It includes the rights to create a project planning overview and Gantt diagrams.

It also has the right to edit indicators for impact monitoring, to record measured values and to carry out target/actual comparisons of the indicators.

Assignment to objects

The following objects can be assigned to the Project planner user role:

  • projects

The assignment of projects can be performed directly for individual projects or indirectly via the assignment of organisational structures.

Currently, there is no special training on offer for this role.

Further information

Information on the monthly usage costs for this role can be found here.