Project controller

User profile

The Project controller works in a head or regional office and draws up funding applications for institutional donors, as well as creating and monitoring project budgets. This person produces project accounts and the proof of use of funds for donors.


This role includes all the rights for using the Project controlling function. The user has access to all a project’s cost and income postings and can perform a more detailed assignment of posting positions to the budget lines. They also have the right to set up budget structures and budgets, plus create analyses for performing target/actual comparisons. The role also allows the setting up of reporting currency schemes for donor-specific currency reporting. 

Assignment to objects

The following objects can be assigned to the Project controller user role:

  • projects

Projects can be assigned directly or indirectly via the assignment of organisational structures.

Our WINPACCS for Project controllers and Project finance managers seminar provides you with all you need to know to use this role.

Further information

  • To utilise this role, users must be Project staff.
  • Information on the monthly usage costs for this role can be found here.