Project Funding

Administering several fundings within a project.

Integrated administration of Project fundings – a unique feature of WINPACCS

Project fundings are key to implementing projects in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian relief. Frequently, several donors with varying project fundings are involved in a single project.
A unique feature of WINPACCS is its capacity to support the project funding process throughout all its phases, and to facilitate separate monitoring for each individual funding within one project.

Administering and monitoring project fundings – a complex challenge

Applying for and settling project funding is a process that entails various steps and involves both head office staff and those working directly in the projects. 
Project funding is particularly complex due to its various forms such as proportional funding, deficit funding, fixed-amount funding etc.
Further notable challenges are donors’ contractual requirements regarding budgeting, monitoring the use of funds and project billing.
Support in the guise of software is a huge help for staff who work with it and alongside improved efficiency, creates higher transparency both within the organisation and towards donors.

What must a software for administering project fundings be able to do?

The software should be capable of setting up several fundings per project and take into account budgeting, cost monitoring and invoicing to meet donor-specific requirements.

Administer all the steps involved in project funding with the corresponding entry fields and plausibility checks for the respective status.

Be individually adjustable to meet the requirements of aid organisations, for instance through the option to set up customer-specific fields for project fundings.

Offer worldwide access to its data and functions for facilitating editing by head office staff and those working in project countries.

Project funding - functions

  • Entering comprehensive master data for the project fundings.
  • Taking into account the varying status of project fundings in the entry fields in different places in WINPACCS.
  • Mapping out several fundings in a project with respective separate budget lines.
  • Assigning fundings to a donor.
  • Meeting individual donor requirements, for instance the desired exchange rates for project invoicing.
  • Entering fundings and budget lines directly when making cost postings in the Project cashbook and Project accounting.
  • Potential to be used worldwide due to availability in WINPACCS Cloud.
  • Adjustable to the requirements of organisations, for instance through customer-specific fields.
  • Option to create “Own money cycles” per funding.
  • Mapping out individual currency conversion procedures per funding through donor-specific reporting currency schemes.
  • Budgets and Target/Actual comparisons per funding.
  • Complete overview of all fundings of a donor.
  • Comprehensive analysis options based on fundings in the Project controlling.

Which user roles allow me to use Project funding?

The Project finance manager user role allows you to use Project funding.

How can I find out more?

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