Budget lines

Important structuring feature for external reporting.

In development cooperation, contracts are often based on donor-specific budget lines. Cost monitoring therefore has to mirror these budget lines and project accounting structured accordingly.
These requirements are usually on top and differ from your own organisation’s accounting requirements.
Without a software solution tailored to this need, special donor requirements lead to enormous manual effort for creating reports and accounts.

What criteria must software fulfil, for it to map donor budget lines successfully?

Budget lines need to be entered in an additional field, rather than shown as a cost- or sub-cost type.
To minimise effort and errors, costs should be assigned to budget lines at the same time as the costs are entered in the project cashbook or project accounting.
It should be possible to utilise budget lines from different donors in a project. It is optimal if, depending on the funding selected, only the budget lines of the respective donor can be assigned.


Budget lines organised in budget structures are an integral part of WINPACCS and have been tried and tested for many years; they constitute an indispensable functionality for donor collaboration.

Assignment of costs to budget lines

  • Selection of budget lines from drop-down lists when posting in WINPACCS Project accounting and in WINPACCS Cashbook.
  • Linking budget structures with funding – if a posting in the Project accounting is assigned to a certain funding, the appropriate budget lines are automatically available for selection.
  • Using monitoring of quantities – entering and assigning quantity information to budget lines.

Budgets, reports and accounts

  • Creating budgets on the basis of budget lines
  • Creating target/actual evaluations, analyses, reports and accounts in WINPACCS Project controlling
  • Option to subsequently change assigned budget lines in WINPACCS Project controlling

Central creation and management of budget structures

  • Up to six different budget structures can be defined for each project, i.e. for various donors
  • Each budget structure can be structured hierarchically in up to four levels
  • Multilingual entry of budget line names – displayed according to the user’s language settings
  • Setting in Project accounting for optional or mandatory assignment of budget structures
  • Option to block individual budget lines (e.g. if the budget is exhausted)