Document Management

Keep track of every single document - with our document management functions in WINPACCS.

This function allows users to tailor document management in an individual, ordered way using the overview of uploaded documents and comprehensive functions for filtering, sorting and grouping. Choose whether to upload documents directly to WINPACCS Cloud or link them from external document management systems (DMS). The document management function can be adapted to meet user requirements.

All documents at a glance

In the workplace today, fast-tracking documents from a well-structured source is essential. WINPACCS addresses these requirements with its document management function and enables users to store documents in WINPACCS Cloud from external sources or to upload them directly in the application. The required documents are thus stored centrally and can also be filtered, sorted and grouped in line with individual requirements. Documents can also be filed directly with the data they refer to, such as project master data, donors, partners, bank details, etc. and are also accessible in the document management overview.

What criteria must a Document management function in development cooperation fulfil?

  • Single source access to all the required documents.
  • Linking of documents to specific project data.
  • The option to link external documents.
  • Filtering, sorting and grouping documents according to user needs.

WINPACCS Document management functions

  • An overview of all the required documents in a single location.
  • Documents such as partner or donor contracts, project documents for master data, bank documentation for bank accounts or bank books, documents for financing or budgets, overviews for project planning and much more can be linked to various data in WINPACCS.
  • Documents can be uploaded directly or linked from external systems.
  • A document can be linked several times, i.e. to different data.
  • Documents can be filtered, sorted and grouped according to individual requirements.
  • Document properties can be easily edited and keywords entered.
  • Organisations can determine which properties they want to use.

Which user roles are necessary for using the Document management function?

In the Document management overview, users are shown all the documents that are stored or linked in areas for which they are authorised. In order to upload or view documents at other locations (for certain data), a user simply needs to be authorised for access to that respective area.

In order to customise the Document management function, users need the "Organisation administrator" role.

Where can I find more information?

The following options are available for learning more about WINPACCS Document management:

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