Improving the health of mothers and infants

Project Manashi in Kapilvastu, Nepal

The MANASHI project in the Kapilvastu district of Nepal is a self-help based health project aimed at improving the health of mothers and infants. FAIRMED supports the local people in the development of health-promoting measures, facilitates access to quality health services, and strengthens the local healthcare system through the construction and equipping of birthing centres.

The aim of the project is to work in cooperation with affected groups in order to provide sustainable access to health services and further strengthen the existing healthcare system. Safeguarding the health of pregnant women and infants is at the heart of the project. Aided by Female Community Health Volunteers and mothers groups, the project reaches out to women in the project area, with the aim of raising awareness of good health practices including at birth and with family planning and basic hygiene measures. 

A total of 603 mothers‘ groups with over 15,000 members in 44 villages benefit directly from the project; that includes about 7,600 pregnant women and over 6,000 newborn babies.

FAIRMED works with local authorities, the government and partner organisations and only employs local staff. This fosters a high degree of acceptance for the project and assures its sustainability after the FAIRMED intervention has occurred.

Since 1959, the Swiss development organisation FAIRMED has been committed to improving the health of people affected by poverty in Africa and Asia.

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