FAIRMED, previously known as Leprosy Relief Emmaus Switzerland, is supporting neglected people who are prone to disease and poverty since 1959.

FAIRMED ensures that even the poorest people in Africa and Asia have access to basic medical care. Thanks to the commitment of our exclusively local employees and close cooperation with local governments, sustainable projects are created that achieve a long-term impact by involving all those affected.

Our work follows the sustainability goals and the guiding principle of ‘leaving no one behind’ of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. In all our projects, we ensure that particularly neglected groups within the population can also exercise their right to health. These include discriminated population groups, people with disabilities and particularly vulnerable women and children.

With the introduction of WINPACCS in 2017, we now have a standardised financial system for our projects. The software allows us to analyse project expenditure and income on site and at head office and generate a wide range of reports. All authorised persons at FAIRMED have access to current data anywhere and at any time according to their assigned roles.

WINPACCS is easy to use. No in-depth accounting knowledge is required to use WINPACCS Cashbook and WINPACCS Accounting. Thanks to the regular updates, I as a customer can contribute my wishes and requirements and if I get stuck, the support team responds promptly.

Ursula Zurkinden

Programme Finance Manager