Shaping the Future through Adult Education


The education programme of DVV International and its partner, the Afghan National Association for Adult Education (ANAFAE) support young people in Afghanistan in the transition from school to university and to working life. While the number of school-leavers in Afghanistan will increase to an estimated 500.000 over the next few years, the necessary quantity and quality of education opportunities for them to get prepared for working life is lacking.

DVV International and ANAFAE currently operate 21 education centres in Afghanistan, mostly in the Northern provinces, that offer complementary courses for school learners in grades 9 to 12, with a focus on the natural sciences. University students can supplement their knowledge and attain additional qualifications.

Courses to support the employability of young adults are run by DVV International and ANAFAE for instance in the fields of IT and English language, as well as in finance, business, and office work related spheres. Compact vocational courses that open up new opportunities to young participants also include subjects such as web design, mobile phone repair, hardware and network maintenance, and beauty care. Cooperation with companies and internships contribute to the success of the programmes.

In 2014 around 180.000 learners took part in the courses in the education centres, 30% out of these women. The young graduates gained new skills and competences for the Afghanistan of tomorrow. With increased opportunities and new qualifications, young people will make important contributions to economic growth and social change.

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