The increasing popularity of WINPACCS also means that we’re constantly being asked to expand its functionality. In the last few years, WINPACCS has therefore been continually upgraded with new functions and the existing ones have been optimised and improved. We are currently receiving requests from several customers for a more fundamental extension of WINPACCS:

  • Aid organisations and consulting companies are increasingly confronted with the need to register as a national organisation in partner countries, and to file annual financial statements according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). 
  • Some aid organisations have expressed the wish to use WINPACCS without an additional ERP system and would prefer to use an integrated financial accounting system within WINPACCS instead. 

These and other requirements have prompted us to launch the "WINPACCS goes ERP" project aimed at implementing the above-mentioned criteria. All our customers who blend the use of WINPACCS with an ERP system can be assured that WINPACCS will remain the optimal extension to ERP systems going forward.

Join us here to gain a preliminary overview of this new functionality.

Target audience

The workshop is aimed at anyone interested in learning more about the planned development of WINPACCS with regard to the integration of financial accounting and other ERP functions.

Workshop Session and Time

Session I (11:45-12:30)




Konferenzraum / Conference room