Session I (11:45-12:30 Uhr)

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WINPACCS at a glance

Would you like to find out about the core functions of WINPACCS? Then this is the right workshop for you! Take a look at the most important WINPACCS functions in an interesting demonstration. Discover how perfectly the functions are tailored to the special requirements in development cooperation and how they can greatly improve the processes in aid organisations.
Michael Bork, mbi GmbH



The increasing popularity of WINPACCS also means that we’re constantly being asked to expand its functionality. In the last few years, WINPACCS has therefore been continually upgraded with new functions and the existing ones have been optimised and improved. We are currently receiving requests from several customers for a more fundamental extension of WINPACCS:

  • Aid organisations and consulting companies are increasingly confronted with the need to register as a national organisation in partner countries, and to file annual financial statements according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Some aid organisations have expressed the wish to use WINPACCS without an additional ERP system and would prefer to use an integrated financial accounting system within WINPACCS instead.

These and other requirements have prompted us to launch the "WINPACCS goes ERP" project aimed at implementing the above-mentioned criteria. All our customers who blend the use of WINPACCS with an ERP system can be assured that WINPACCS will remain the optimal extension to ERP systems going forward.

Join us here to gain a preliminary overview of this new functionality.
Martin Bork and André Scharmann, mbi GmbH


Digital vouchers – discover the potential

Discover the potential of “Digital vouchers” in this workshop. In a live demonstration, you’ll learn how simple it is to scan vouchers, store them in accordance with legal requirements and display them beside financial data. Learn how the workflow can be successfully designed in practice and see for yourself how it increases efficiency for organisations in development cooperation.
Rainer Salm, GOPA Worldwide Consultants GmbH and Tobias Ebert, mbi GmbH

Session II (13:30-14:15 Uhr)

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WINPACCS Project accounting – a success story

Are you interested in the practical usage of WINPACCS Project accounting? Then this is the right workshop for you. Learn how one of the largest service providers in international cooperation has been successfully using WINPACCS Project accounting for many years. Discover how the financial processes are divided between projects, regional offices and Head office. Discuss your specific questions and find out about the benefits for your organisation.
Sonja Altevolmer-Beattie, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and André Scharmann, mbi GmbH


Integrated Project planning and monitoring

Discover the "WINPACCS Project planning and monitoring" functions in this workshop. Learn how to create a logframe in WINPACCS, how to monitor your project progress and how to keep an eye on your cost and time planning using a Gantt chart – and how to link this information directly to budgets and costs.
Michael Bork, mbi GmbH


The WINPACCS interfaces – easy to connect

In this workshop you’ll learn about the possibilities WINPACCS offers for automated data exchange with other systems. Gain a general overview of the available interfaces, the technology used and how the process of implementing the interfaces can work well. Learn more about "WINPACCS connect" – the future WINPACCS interface for fully automatic integration of WINPACCS into an ERP system.
Martin Bork and Tobias Ebert, mbi GmbH

Session III (14:30-15:15 Uhr)

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WINPACCS Project controlling – unrivalled

Transparency and keeping track of project finances – an immensely important task for any organisation – and a particular challenge for organisations in development cooperation. It’s not only internal requirements for financial controlling that have to be met – donors and possibly other stakeholders have to be considered too. In this workshop, you’ll learn how the constantly improved and optimised Project controlling function is unrivalled in its functionality and options for development cooperation. You’ll also get a first glimpse of the planned Cross-project controlling, which will open up whole new analysis and evaluation tools for your organisation.
Spyros Papastamatiou, Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) and Michael Bork, mbi GmbH


Using WINPACCS successfully in an international aid organisation

In this workshop you’ll learn how WINPACCS has been used successfully for many years by an international aid organisation. Hear all about best practices and methods. Learn how users are trained on site, how processes are distributed among the different business units, and how the tasks are assigned. And above all – ask your questions!
Timo Stegelmann, Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V.


WINPACCS courses online: any time, any place

Increasing digitalisation opens up new possibilities for learning independently of time and place. International development cooperation holds particular potential for savings and efficiency gains in this area. In this workshop, you’ll learn how proficiency of WINPACCS can be acquired – any time, any place – and you’ll learn about how these training options work in practice.
Marcus Paul, Ipso gGmbH and André Scharmann, mbi GmbH