Vision Hope International e.V.

The non-profit organisation Vision Hope International e.V. was founded in the Black Forest, Germany, in 2002 with the aim of giving people in developing countries a hope-filled vision for living with dignity.

The current aid is flowing through to projects in Yemen and Afghanistan and, since 2013, to Syrian refugees in Jordan.

In a world full of injustice, violence and suffering, Vision Hope International wants to set an example of hope in crisis-hit parts of the world. With integrated project work, they help people in need improve their living conditions independently and sustainably.

This way, hope will be carried forward and, by so doing, whole societies can be transformed. This is intended to bring especially women and children the opportunity to live in dignity.

WINPACCS has impressed us as an aid organisation in our projects in the world's various crisis-hit countries. Despite some poor internet connections, the exchange of information with the project offices is functioning properly. The handling of multiple currencies and, at the same time, the ability to generate reports in euros, our company currency, has been solved brilliantly. We're equally impressed with the fast, responsive support.

Matthias Leibbrand

Executive Director, Vision Hope International e.V.