Health Care for Mothers and New Borns

in Syria

Because of the continuing civil war in Syria, the infrastructure in broad parts of the country has been totally destroyed – as is the case in Ariha, the capital of the Idlib Governorate. Ariha is situated in the northwest of the country and is home to approximately 300,000 people: residents and internal refugees from across Syria. It lacks health facilities, treatment options and medical personnel, above all for pregnant women. The way to the delivery room is long and dangerous.

Vision Hope International e. V. is offering the people there new possibilities by providing life-saving care for women and their new borns. A hospital has been rehabilitated since April 2016 and was opened in June 2016 as the basis for a functioning health care sector. Approximately 3,000 women will be treated every year and just as many new borns delivered. Incubators are also available. About 34 jobs for men and women from the region will be created in the long term. Goods such as medicines and medical equipment can be delivered quite easily across the nearby border to Turkey. More activities, such as a vaccination campaign, are being carried out together with other organisations.

The building of the hospital serves not only for medical care of women and new borns, but also creates jobs and helps the structurally weak region to prevent any further abandoning of well-qualified people. Vision Hope intends to promote the autonomy and capacity of the health care sector and, in training the personnel, relies on a community-oriented approach. Sustainability, direct aid on the spot and a project that is effective in the long term is the primary concern for Vision Hope.