DAHW - German Leprosy and Tuberculosis Relief Association

DAHW German Leprosy and Tuberculosis Relief Association is an aid organisation with more than 150 projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The organisation supports people affected by leprosy, tuberculosis and neglected tropical diseases as well as their consequences such as disability or discrimination.

DAHW is headquartered in Würzburg and has regional offices in East and West Africa. The organisation employs around 50 people in Germany and around 150 in the international field structure. Founded in 1957, the aid organisation finances its work through donations, bequests and third-party funding and works independently of political or religious beliefs.

Its work focuses on providing medical and social support to people affected by leprosy, tuberculosis and other neglected tropical diseases and their consequences such as disability and marginalisation.

In its approximately 150 aid projects in over 15 countries in the Global South, the organisation works closely with its local partners and focuses on regional conditions and needs. This results in a wide range of aid measures: from individual support for individual hospitals, case-finding campaigns, diagnosis and medical care for those affected, to the training of health personnel and structural measures such as the promotion of people with disabilities and their participation in society.

In many projects, DAHW works together with church institutions, other aid organisations and state health authorities in order to exploit synergies and ensure the sustainability of the projects.

The main mandate Leprosy is a disease that is still a major health problem in many countries in the Global South, for example in India. Since DAHW was founded in 1957, millions of people have received medical treatment or social support through medical and social project work. The organisation is confident that it will be able to eliminate leprosy in selected countries such as Pakistan, Togo, Uganda and Bolivia in the foreseeable future.

WINPACCS has been used for project management and controlling both at DAHW headquarters and in the project countries since 2012. The DAHW team successfully uses the software for project accounting, financial management and project control.

In our field of work in particular, reliable, digital mapping and management of our projects is crucial to ensure smooth business processes. WINPACCS serves our programme controlling teams at head office and in the external structures not only as a tool for finance and accounting, but also as an important instrument for efficient global collaboration. After all, reliable and transparent financial control is the basis for achieving an efficient impact.

Joachim Beringer


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