Help is combatting causes of flight

in Serbia

Thousands of refugees have been streaming northwards via the western Balkan since 2015. For 35 years now, “Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe” has been committed to an improvement in living conditions and thus to eliminating causes of flight.

In many countries of origin of refugees, Help has been creating prospects for people locally, for instance with projects in the areas of securing food, water and sanitary provisions, health, education and to create income and start businesses.

In Serbia, for example, this aid organisation has been active for over 15 years now. The focal point here is above all on combatting poverty by supporting people starting businesses. Help has already been able to create thousands of sustainable jobs in the Balkan. Opening up new opportunities for people on the employment markets is a sustainable instrument for combatting causes of flight. So Help is creating prospects for an independent life.

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