WINPACCS for Project Cashiers

Online course

WINPACCS for Project Cashiers

The online course is designed to teach you how to use WINPACCS Cashbook. It will enable you to pre-enter income and expenses for project accounting in WINPACCS without any accounting knowledge. You will be able to reduce the workload of your accountants, as well as operate all the important functions of WINPACCS Cashbook.

  • Initial setup of WINPACCS Cashbook
    Download master data, accept and submit cashbooks.
  • Entry of income and expenses
    Pre-enter postings based on digital vouchers and classify them as expense or income. Assign accounts, funding and budget lines to individual vouchers.
  • Recording and settling advances
    Enter an expense as an advance or receivable. Settle the receivable as income and enter the incurred costs as an expense.
  • Posting suggestion
    Learn to discern whether an entered voucher should be posted or not posted in project accounting.
  • Correction postings
    Change entries at a later time.
  • Create a voucher batch
    Transfer all entries to WINPACCS Cloud

Target group

The course is aimed at organisations that already use WINPACCS and users working as Project cashiers.


The online course is divided into clearly arranged units on a learning platform. Explanatory videos and practical exercises are available for the individual units. The exercises are provided in a test environment on a terminal server, meaning participants can apply what has been learned directly in the application. 

Completing the online course can be done at any time over an thirteen-day period. About 4 hours should be planned for working through the course. The course is available in English and French.

You can register through your organisation's WINPACCS Coordinator. Coordinators can register for the online course after logging in to the customer portal. The deadline for registrations is three days before the event.

Participant requirements

A stable Internet connection and experience with PCs and Microsoft Windows.

Seminar fee

EUR 150 per user. All prices include VAT.

Online course
approx. 4 hours
Registration through coordinator
English / French