Operation Mercy

Operation Mercy works with partners to support the disadvantaged in Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

Operation Mercy is an international relief and development organization with over 20 years of experience headquartered in Sweden. We are a community of professionals who serve the poor and marginalized in ten countries throughout Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East through an array of community development and humanitarian aid projects.

"Our vision is to work in partnership with others to restore hope, grow capacity, and promote community through relief and development initiatives that help transform lives, including our own."

We particularly appreciate the excellent support we receive from the WINPACCS staff who answer all our questions, whether by email or in person, and are quick to resolve any problems we encounter.

Every year we’re able to make use of the new functions and improvements offered in WINPACCS Cloud, Accounting and Cashbook and we enjoy using them too!

Optimisations in WINPACCS allow staff with both lesser and more advanced accounting skills to use the software which in turn heightens the collaboration between our projects and our Head office.

Thelma M-Barberton

Finance manager for Operation Mercy

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