GOPA Consulting Group

GOPA Consulting Group is one of Europe´s leading consulting companies in the field of International Cooperation and Engineering with headquarters in Bad Homburg, Bonn, Brussels, and Abu Dhabi.

Consisting of seven independent consulting companies and smaller legal entities such as Cofad Consultants and GOPA Luxembourg, GOPA has more than 50 years of experience. Member companies have implemented more than 6 000 projects in over 130 countries. They draw on a multidisciplinary and multicultural network of experts that spans different continents. It uses all synergies, joint structures and processes to respond to changing market requirements.

WINPACCS is being used by the GOPA Consulting Group since 2015.

After the successful launch of the system in EPOS Health Management GmbH, AFC Consultants International GmbH and GOPA Consultants followed and are currently in the implementation phase as well.

50 years of experience in planning and implementing projects in nearly all sectors and almost every country is our knowhow. Our success is based on our vision that private actors in development cooperation can work more efficient and flexible being a trusted advisor for tax payer’s money. The introduction of WINPACCS in all of our projects is a key documentation of this vision.

Thomas Kempff

Director of GOPA Consultants and Project Manager for all financial systems in the Group

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