GOPA Consulting Group

Leading consulting company in the field of international cooperation and engineering

GOPA Consulting Group is a leading consulting group dedicated to performing and effectively contributing to international cooperation and global development. More than 800 staff members in seven independent consulting companies, along with 5,000 international and local experts are currently working in approximately 800 projects worldwide. Founded in Germany in 1965, GOPA Consulting Group has a long history of delivering outstanding results in nearly all service fields in line with the SDGs and in a wide array of countries, from stable societies and high-growth economies to challenging environments affected by political conflict or poverty.

Part of our success is based on the conviction that private sector actors in development cooperation need to act efficiently and effectively while managing taxpayers' money in a responsible fiduciary manner. It is imperative for GOPA Group entities to have a strong financial reporting form and controlling in all the locations in which projects are implemented worldwide. The GOPA Group started piloting WINPACCS in 2015 in two subsidiaries, now the vast majority of the Group entities rely on it. The Group entities have also rolled out the WINPACCS Cashbook 2 and WINPACCS Accounting 4 update in 2020/21. All the projects’ postings are forwarded to our company accounting system on a monthly basis. Supported by staff in our different headquarters, we have also contributed to the training of many local accountants in the use of WINPACCS and we proudly rely mostly on local qualifications to support our development endeavours.

50 years of experience in planning and implementing projects in nearly all sectors and almost every country is our knowhow. Our success is based on our vision that private actors in development cooperation can work more efficient and flexible being a trusted advisor for tax payer’s money. The introduction of WINPACCS in all of our projects is a key documentation of this vision.

Thomas Kempff

Director of GOPA Consultants and Project Manager for all financial systems in the Group

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