Individual support and reconciliation for women and children

Vive Žene in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Even 20 years after the war, society in Bosnia and Herzegovina is still divided – prejudice, ethno-religious polarisation and discrimination are common features of daily life. A high level of domestic violence is another long-term consequence of the war. Since 1994, medica mondiale’s partner organisation Vive Žene has been supporting women and girls who have survived violence. Many of them have regained hope and stability through individual or group therapy. Now, in order to overcome societal boundaries, Vive Žene has implemented a project to foster dialogue and reconciliation between former enemies.

The project consists of workshops and educational sessions that bring together women and children of all ethnical groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In these workshops and gatherings the participants learn to overcome their prejudices and hostile attitudes. Ultimately, only if the hatred of the past can be overcome, will families have the chance to live in peace.

Medica mondiale is a feminist women’s rights and relief organisation and sees itself as part of the diverse international women's movement.

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