Fighting poverty with sheep


In northern Armenia, the lives of many people is blighted by poverty. The village of Dschadschur (Shirak province) is particularly affected with a lack of employment and food. Villagers could provide for themselves by growing their own vegetables, however, poor soil quality acts as a brake on this.

Hoffnungszeichen│Sign of Hope e.V. provides sustainable support for impoverished households in the village of Dschadschur with a sheep project: 50 of the poorest families each receive five sheep. The animals enable the families to provide for themselves and earn an income by selling wool and milk products. The project is also sustainable and aims to be "self-expanding." The first three lambs born in a family are passed to another one, thus allowing community members to support each other. The villagers are allowed to keep all the other sheep or sell them. In this way, many needy people can benefit from the project.

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