Can I access my data after terminating my WINPACCS contract?


If you plan to terminate your WINPACCS contract, but still need to access your data, for instance for an audit, there are two options:

  • You can use the various export options and thus save your data outside the WINPACCS environment. Your data will be deleted from the WINPACCS Cloud after a period of three months, starting on the date you terminate your contract. No costs are incurred for using WINPACCS in this way.
  • You can use the WINPACCS Cloud Archive. For a reduced basic fee, you can continue to access your data. However, no new data can be set up and the existing data cannot be edited. Further details can be found in the White Paper “Usage of the WINPACCS Cloud Archive“ and in the “WINPACCS Cloud Archive - Price list”.