Support in rolling out WINPACCS

For any software relating to an organisation’s core processes, selecting the right people for the project team is a key condition for a successful roll-out.

The basic requirement for the people involved thereby is good knowledge of their own organisation and the relevant business processes. Internal employees with their know-how, experience and competence are irreplaceable here.

But apart from that it is also important for the employees responsible for the roll-out to have basic knowledge of the possibilities of the new software being rolled out.

In the roll-out of WINPACCS, this knowledge can be acquired, for example, by taking part in standard seminars.

To support their own competence, we recommend involving an external WINPACCS consultant who can take over the following tasks for example:

  • Support in drafting a project plan for the roll-out
  • Help in setting up WINPACCS for the requirements of one's own organisation
  • Resource person for specific technical and content questions over the course of the roll-out process
  • Support in setting up the main chart of accounts, developing standards for the project-internal structures and optimising processes

We are four committed and competent WINPACCS consultants with many years of experience. And we are at your disposal.

We are passionate about consulting and will be happy to support you in rolling out and using WINPACCS efficiently and on schedule.

We have many years of sound knowledge of the tasks of international aid organisations and consulting firms and understand their needs.
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