Digital vouchers auditor

User profile

The “Digital vouchers auditor” is a staff member whose job it is to review the scanned vouchers to ensure that the scans conform with audit requirements. 


The role allows the user to view the project’s postings in the WINPACCS Cloud for the purpose of financial auditing. 

Assignment to objects

The following objects can be assigned to the “Digital vouchers auditor”:

  • projects

The assignment of projects can be performed directly for individual projects or indirectly via the assignment of organisational structures.

Seminars on offer

Our “Administering digital vouchers with WINPACCS” seminar provides you with all the knowledge you need for this role.

Further information

  • To utilise this role, users must have the “Project staff” role. As access to project accounting data is required for the auditing of digital vouchers, staff members also need the “Project accountant” or “Project financial manager” role.
  • Information about the costs for this role can be found here.