Project Funding

Permits comfortable administration of the information on project funding. The data can be displayed or administered depending on the user’s rights.

Funding Master Data

  • Internal and external contract number of the funding agreement
  • Type of funding
  • Approval date
  • Duration of funding
  • Total amount of funding
  • Status of the funding agreement (in planning, applied for, approved, closed, finally calculated)
  • Comments on the type of funding and reporting
  • Administration of reporting currency schemas needed for reporting for the donor

Supply of Funds

  • Planning and monitoring of the supply of funds
  • Mapping of the various project and head office steps in processing the supply of funds
  • Integration of the request for funds in the cross-project management of fund supplies
  • Journals
  • Setting up and managing journals for the different currency cycles of the project 


  • Setting up and administering journals, for different currencies for example

Cash- and Bankbooks

  • Managing the project’s cash- and bankbooks

Further Information

If you want to learn more about the topic, we recommend you to attend the seminars: