Organisation Settings

Setting up of WINPACCS according to the organisation`s requirements.

This functional area enables the setting up of WINPACCS according to the organisation`s requirements.
Various settings offer the possibility to adapt WINPACCS easily to large or small organisations with their specific requirements. The settings can easily be made in the appropriate masks.


  • Definition of the length and format of project numbers
  • Upload of the organisation logo and a direct integration of the logo in all reports of WINPACCS online and the modules of the WINPACCS suite.
  • Setting up the project administration for the requirements of the Organisation
  • Configuration of the person administration, partner administration, and donor administration for the own organisation’s requirements
  • Setting up the length of the main accounts and sub-accounts of the project chart of accounts
  • Creating the organisation units
  • Configuration of the interfaces between WINPACCS and the company accounting
  • Configuration of WINPACCS accounting (fields, automatic messages, …)
  • Configuration of WINPACCS cost control
  • Configuration of WINPACCS cashbook

Further Information

If you want to learn more about this topic, we recommend you to attend the webinar WINPACCS for Organisation administrators.