Digital Vouchers

The integration of digital vouchers is a key functionality of modern accounting systems. Posting data can be displayed and compared directly on the screen with the scanned vouchers and are available to all authorised parties for very different purposes.

This new functionality is especially important in the environment of development cooperation, where the capture of the vouchers and later processing or auditing are often far removed from one another geographically. Digital display of the scanned vouchers therefore offers enormous efficiency improvements and potential savings:

  • Digital vouchers and posting data are available directly, both in the projects and offices on site and at head office and reduce the time and effort for searching
  • Vouchers or voucher copies no longer have to be transported, thus transport costs can be reduced
  • Auditors can examine the accounting at head office, thus travel costs can be reduced

The functionality of digital vouchers in WINPACCS includes the following individual functions:

  • Automatic scanning of the vouchers with a customary and inexpensive scanner
  • Alternative manual or automatic uploading of the scan data to the WINPACCS Cloud
  • Convenient display of the posting data together with the digital vouchers
  • Automatic transmission of the digital vouchers to the relevant installations of WINPACCS accounting and WINPACCS cost control
  • Differentiated assignment of rights in WINPACCS to govern access to the digital vouchers
  • Support for an internal process control
  • Logging of key events in administration of the digital vouchers