Account Administration

The functional area account administration allows creation and administration of the main chart of accounts, the project chart of accounts and bank accounts.

The following functions are available:

Main Chart of Accounts

  • Create a main chart of accounts
  • Plausibility check to verify complete set-up of the main chart of accounts
  • Multilingual account names
  • Dividing the accounts into account classes and account groups
  • Use of cost accounts, income accounts, real accounts with or without open items, funding accounts and clearing accounts

Project Chart of Accounts

  • Setting up a sub-chart of accounts per project
  • Multilingual sub-account names
  • Setting up sub-accounts for project-specific purposes, for example:

    • cost sub-accounts for project-internal requirements
    • receivables sub-accounts, for example for direct assignment to project partners
    • cash sub-accounts for assignment of project cash books
    • bank sub-accounts for assignment of bank details

Bank Details

  • Central administration of all bank details of the own Organisation
  • Assignment of bank details to projects and authorised persons
  • Entering of bank details of donors and partners

Further Information

If you want to learn more about this topic, we recommend you to attend the seminar WINPACCS online for Administrators.