New Budget function in WINPACCS Cloud

Discover budgets with a new and wider range of options! Budgets can now be planned directly in Project controlling where you’ll find everything grouped together at a glance – your budget, the associated project expenses and the target/actual comparison for your donor.

The following new features have allowed us to implement many of our customers' suggestions. Thank you very much for being part of this and enjoy using it!

Forget tediously retyping budgets – the new budgets function allows you to simply paste your data from the clipboard and insert it from other formats within seconds. The clipboard can also be used for exporting, working on and then reimporting budgets.

You can now break down budgets into years, quarters, months or even customisable periods! In a budget and also in the target/actual comparison, you can see both the total amount and the broken down amounts per period and thus have the perfect overview of your project expenses.

Additionally, when you plan or change budgets, WINPACCS Cloud indicates where there are slight discrepancies between your totals and broken down figures.