WINPACCS accounting 4

Release Notes

Bug fixes

  • The display of unsettled items in the "Assigned unsettled items" window, which can be opened from within the "Post voucher" window, is now independent of the table view in the "Unsettled items" menu.

Release 4.1.4 (February 2019)

Bug fixes

  • Closings can also be generated if they include (reverse) postings to the former account groups “VAT head office” and “VAT other countries” of the “Costs” account class.
  • When unedited voucher batches and posting templates are posted, the application checks whether the selected tax accounts can be posted to.
  • Underscores in the names of budget structures are now displayed correctly in the “Post voucher” window.
  • The progress bar for generating journal backups is now shown in full.

Release 4.1.3 (February 2019)

New features

  • The database for digital vouchers is no longer limited in size.
  • The quick filter “Current accounting period” has now been activated as a default setting. Previously the filter was called “Current month” and deactivated as a default setting, so that all the postings in a journal were shown. This change has reduced the loading time for journals with a high volume of postings.
  • The accounts of the account groups “VAT Head Office” and “VAT other countries” are now assigned to the “Supply of funds” account class in the main chart of accounts (previously: “Costs” account class). There is no change to accounts in existing postings. However, starting with this release, the old accounts are no longer available for new postings.
  • Due to this change, this tax is not distributed among several split postings, it is now posted as one voucher position. For this tax voucher position there is now a predefined funding in the journal properties.
  • Postings with budget lines that are no longer postable can still be reversed or reposted (if this new option is set in WINPACCS Cloud).
  • When editing voucher batches, it is possible to switch between transaction types in the “4 Costs” and “6 Income” transaction categories without having to select the account again. This means that the preselected account is retained even if the project is changed.
  • In the “Postings” and “Unsettled items” menus, the “CC” column has been added showing the ISO Code of the company currency.
  • In the “2 Forwarding of funds” transaction category the “Receiving journal” field is now mandatory.
  • Repostings are now shown directly in the “Show posting” window just like other postings. The computer-generated voucher can now be retrieved from there via a button.
  • The automatically generated additions to the posting text in the supply of funds batch has been shortened so that as little as possible of the posting text is cut off when the maximum length is reached.
  • Changes in terminology:
    • The “Comment on the posting text” field is now called “Comment on the posting”.
    • In the “Restore journal” window, “Backup type” has been renamed “Journal backup type”; “Month” is now “Accounting period”.
    • The “Expenses for external projects” report is now called “Expenses for projects”.

Bug fixes

  • If postings are grouped in the posting overview, the debit and credit balances are now shown separately from one another and not added up.
  • Reversing postings:
    • Previously, when correction postings were reversed, sometimes an incorrect average rate was applied. This has now been corrected.
    • A voucher that was posted from a voucher template could not be reversed if the posting template no longer existed. This is now possible.
  • Transaction category 11 Flexible posting:
    • Two errors have been corrected when reversing postings in connection with unsettled items.
    • An error while splitting a posting on the debit and credit side has been corrected.
  • Calculation of the amount in company currency:
    • If unsettled items were assigned to several currencies, the amount in company currency sometimes deviated by 1 Cent. This has now been corrected.
    • In balancing the VAT receivables the amount in company currency sometimes deviated by 1 Cent. This has now been corrected.
  • In the balance report of the payables, it is no longer possible to assign unsettled items, as this does not make sense.
  • Bank and cash accounts that are no longer postable and that have balances equal to 0, are no longer listed in the cash and bank reconciliation.
  • Journal backups, that were created before the last day-end closing are now marked as “critical”.
  • A message appears during installation, if the same or another version of the application is already installed.
  • The creation of the report "Expenses for projects" no longer stops in journals with a lot of vouchers.