Institute for Youth Development (KULT)

The Institute for Youth Development KULT is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2002 in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The mission of KULT is to create and advocate legal and other strategic solutions, as well as to build and strengthen the capacities of associations and governmental authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a successful and sustainable youth policy. The actions of KULT are based on cooperation with the governmental and also with other influential and active associations, individuals and institutions. KULT is financially supported, amongst others, by the European Union and the German Foreign Ministry.

In 2011, KULT decided to replace the software it had developed in-house by the standard software WINPACCS. A key criterion in the decision-making process was that the software meets the requirements of the donors and can be integrated into the national accounting. WINPACCS also convinced through its ease of use and multilingual capabilities and this was decisive in the decision for WINPACCS.

After a test phase at the end of 2011, WINPACCS was rolled out as part of a consulting project in December 2011 and the projects were converted to WINPACCS from 2012 onwards. KULT manages approximately 20 projects with WINPACCS in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.

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