Achievement of Sanitary Facilities

in Pakistan

In South Punjab, Pakistan, World Relief Deutschland e.V. – the global neighbour – works together with the population on the goal of achieving sanitary facilities for 100% of the population in six government districts (Union Councils).

To realise this ambitious target, a broad acceptance of simple toilet facilities, above all, is needed as well as an understanding of the significance of hygiene and thus also health. So all relevant organisations and local structures are involved. A particular focus, though, is on schools.

“You will be glad to work together with us on mastering the challenges with regard to water, sanitary facilities and hygiene at these schools and the villages in the area!“ – This warm welcome greeted the team in the Union Council Fah Pur. This government district in South Punjab is situated to the west of the Indus. At the beginning of the project, two thirds of the population had no access to proper sanitary facilities – which of course is also the cause of serious health risks.

Schools have major influence on the development of their families and villages, so students also play a key role in the project. Teachers, students and parents at 200 schools in the target regions are being taught how to build up “WASH clubs”, thus groups who deal intensively with the connection between water, sanitary facilities and hygiene and health. The students in the groups develop actions to strengthen the awareness among their fellow students for the issue and, in a next step, also work in their villages.

The goal in particular is to develop an understanding for the importance of toilets in avoiding disease. Together they develop possibilities for families to build a toilet themselves at low cost. Especially needy households are selected and get support for the building materials.

Even now, it is already apparent that the seeds are bearing fruit and the goal of 100% coverage with sanitary facilities can be achieved in the six districts. An expansion to further government districts is presently being negotiated. So the team from World Relief Deutschland is really glad to be supporting the people in South Punjab as a global neighbour.

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