Customer projects

WINPACCS is helping these projects and the administrative units concerned to structure their administrative tasks more efficiently and to concentrate on the actual project goals.

MANASHI – improving the health of mothers and infants in Kapilvastu, Nepal


The MANASHI project in the Kapilvastu district of Nepal is a self-help based health project aimed at improving the health of mothers and infants. 

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Vive Žene - Individual support and reconciliation for women and children in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Even 20 years after the war, society in Bosnia and Herzegovina is still divided: prejudice, ethno-religious polarisation and discrimination are common features of daily life. 

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Health Care for Mothers and New Borns in Syria


Because of the continuing civil war in Syria, the infrastructure in broad parts of the country has been totally destroyed – as is the case in Ariha, the capital of the Idlib Governorate.

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Serbia – Help is combatting causes of flight


For 35 years now, “Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe” has been committed to an improvement in living conditions and thus to eliminating causes of flight.

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Macedonia - Tea Station for Syrian Refugees


With the onset of cold, wet weather, the journey for vast numbers of refugees making the long trek from the Greek Islands to their desired destinations in Western Europe has become even more treacherous and miserable.

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Morocco – Creating Perspectives for Refugees


For African refugees, Morocco is a key transit country on their way to Europe. Many are denied their dream of safety in Europe.

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Pakistan - Achievement of Sanitary Facilities


In South Punjab, Pakistan, World Relief Deutschland e.V. – the global neighbour – works together with the population on the goal of achieving sanitary facilities for 100% of the population in six government districts (Union Councils).

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Liberia - Rehabilitation Center for Leprosy and Tuberculosis Patients


Since 1974 the DAHW has been supporting the Liberian Leprosy and Tuberculosis Rehabilitation Center in Ganta, a border town in Northeast Liberia.

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Shaping Europe's Future by Sharing Europe's Past


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of this event, the Institute for Youth Development KULT, in a joint effort with the Embassy of Germany in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Franco-German Youth Office, organized an international youth event entitled “Mlada Evropa” (Young Europe).

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Afghanistan - Shaping the Future through Adult Education


The education programme of DVV International and its partner, the Afghan National Association for Adult Education (ANAFAE) support young people in Afghanistan in the transition from school to university and to working life.

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Ghana - Study into Congenital Deafness


The KCCR based in Ghana has initiated and carried out numerous research projects and research networks. One of the first projects was a study into congenital deafness, the genetic cause of which was identified in 1998. One key focal point of the scientific research at the KCCR from the very outset...

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Congo: A future for former child soldiers


Child soldiers are very popular with armed groups. The children are easy to manipulate, fight relentlessly and can be sacrificed first. Their “training” is hard: to make the children obedient, they are forced to kill members of their own family or to drink blood of the battled enemies. They are...

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