30 years of WINPACCS

A success story.

For three decades, WINPACCS and its predecessor PACCS has been successfully deployed in projects in the area of development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

And so we took the opportunity, in Autumn 2017, to invite former colleagues, partners and friends who have accompanied us over the years to join our celebrations. Surrounded by good company, we reflected on the history of WINPACCS – the reasons why it was developed, many invaluable encounters and some funny anecdotes too. But we also had time and space to focus on the future; our aim is to keep on developing WINPACCS, stay close to customer requirements and move with the times.

While it was initially designed purely for project accounting, since then the application has evolved into an integrated business solution. Today, WINPACCS covers a multitude of functions for supporting processes in international aid organisations and consulting firms.

An ever-expanding number of organisations and operators use WINPACCS in over 100 countries.

A lot has changed during the course of the three decades:

  • The functionality has expanded constantly to adapt to new requirements.
  • The technology was switched to new software environments on numerous occasions.
  • Usability has been continually improved.
  • The team behind WINPACCS has kept on growing.

But despite all these changes, one thing has remained the same the application continues to focus on requirements in the field of development cooperation.

And the story of WINPACCS continues.

WINPACCS 2018 is an entirely redesigned application and has been developed even further as a completely integrated business solution.

  • The modules of the suite are seamlessly integrated into the Cloud application, although they can still be used offline. If an internet connection is available, there is a constant data exchange with the Cloud.
  • Further functions requested by clients, such as the logical framework approach, a project calender function and an overarching control for all projects are being integrated.

Further Information

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