The Company accounting and WINPACCS



The aim of this workshop is to learn about the options offered by the interface so you can then decide the best way to employ it. WINPACCS offers the possibility to forward postings from project accounting to the company accounting via interfaces. It also allows costs from the projects posted in company accounting to be accepted in the project controlling.

In this workshop we’ll take a look at your requirements and the options the interface offers. In doing so, we’ll examine the following topics:

  • Principles for using company accounting and project accounting
  • Which transactions in your company accounting are relevant for your projects?
  • Which settings in the company accounting have to be taken into account for projects?
  • Which requirements concerning posting data have to be considered in the company accounting?
  • Which settings need to be made when using the company accounting functional area?
  • Data conversion and troubleshooting

Program versions used

  • WINPACCS Accounting 4.1

Target group

This workshop is suitable for staff working in international aid organisations in head offices and offices that are responsible for financial administration and/or the financial administration of projects,and who would like to get to know the principles and possibilities for integrating data into company accounting.

Participant requirements

  • Experience in using WINPACCS Cloud.
  • Insight into the processes of corporate and project accounting of your organisation.

Number of participants

To ensure an optimal outcome for each participant, a maximum of eight places are available for this workshop.

Seminar fee

EUR 300 or EUR 265 for early bird reservations.

Early bird prices apply when reserving at least three months before the start of the event. All prices are incl. statutory value-added tax.

    Dates and online registration

    The dates will be published soon.